Fosters, Allies and Morrison and ZHA among 100 gingerbread city designers

Among the practices participating in Gingerbread City 2023 are Foster + Partners, Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), PRP, AHMM and Allies and Morrison (see full list below).

This year’s pop-up confectionary metropolis will be open for viewing on Saturday 2 December, in the Westfield London shopping centre in White City.

Curated by the Museum of Architecture, a UK-based charity dedicated to finding new ways for the public to engage with architecture, the event ‘champions sustainable design ideas that can help tackle climate change’. It is now in its seventh year.

This year’s gingerbread world – based around the theme Water in Cities – comprised four island zones, Urban Floodplain, Canal City, Frozen Landscape and Underwater + Floating City.

The world has been masterplanned by Madeleine Kessler Architecture with Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design.

Source:Luke O’Donovan

Cinnamon Stadium – Hopkins Architects (Gingerbread City 2023)

According to the organisers, this year’s highlights include Barr Gazetas’ Crumbly Cracker Bridge, providing a flood barrier to the city and a diverse public space for residents, Hugh Broughton Architects’ Icing Shelf Research Station, designed in collaboration with the British Antarctic Survey, and Hopkins Architects’ Roman Colosseum-inspired Cinnamon Stadium, with permeable paving and sluice gates for flood protection.

Museum of Architecture founder Melissa Woolford commented on the timeliness of this year’s water-themed exhibition as ‘UK summers are predicted to get hotter and drier and winters are becoming wetter and milder’.

She added: ‘What the exhibition shows, in a fun and approachable way, is how sustainable design ideas can help us create water-sensitive cities and mitigate some of the worst effects of extreme flooding and water shortage.’

The show runs until 7 January.

Source:Luke O’Donovan

PCAN – Penguins Climate Action Network, Corstorphine & Wright Architects (Gingerbread City 2023)

Full list of design teams: 

Rising Residences [Y/N] Studio
Sea Turtle Heritage Centre AHMM
MaccaRoomi Alexander Hills Architects
Bakewell Bridge Allies and Morrison
MiraHiVE ARTES London
Pistachio Terrace Ash Sakula Architects + Human Nature
HeathrHo! Ho! Ho! Airport Assael Architecture
Overboard House Atelier 41 Architects
The Gingerbread Factory Atelier Ten
Crumbly Cracker Bridge Barr Gazetas
Marsh-mallow haven Bausager & Bouquet
Fondant Flood Plain BBUK Studio
Rainbow Aqua Park Bidisha Sinha
Frosty Fin Harbour BM3 Architecture
Saltwater Taffy Sports Centre Broadwater Farm Team and local residents,
Haringey Council
Iced Gem Cultural Centre Brooks Murray Architect & Azman Architects
Ice-Pickle Academy Build Studios
Butterscotch Botanical Bridge Charlton Brown Architects
Sound of the Sea Longhouse Chiddingfold Creatives
Royal Fudge Festival Hall Concert (a Ridge company), Henley Halebrown, Evolve
PCAN – Penguins Climate Action Network Corstorphine & Wright Architects
Illuminom-nom-nom Cundall
Skyline Meltdown Dantas Reche
Baked Alaska Lakes Deborah Jaffé
The ditto Cupcake Community Centre ditto
Candy Barge Eastfield Architecture
Ponte Vecchio pan di zenzero Eckersley O’Callaghan
Nutmeg Terrace Elliott Wood Partnership
Siren Crispie Reservoir EPR Architects
Catch, Contain, Convert EV Architects
Popcorn Log Cabins FINSA
Jammy Jubilee Foster + Partners
Candy Apple Artists Studios Frame Projects
The SALT Institute Gatti Routh Rhodes
The Candy River Hana and MoA Team
Sugarstock Dock Haverstock
Gumdrop Glacier Heritage Centre Haworth Tompkins
Florentine Barge HLM Architects
Cinnamon Stadium Hopkins Architects
Rainbow Sherbet Fishing Harbour Hove Surf Life Saving Club
Icing Shelf Research Station Hugh Broughton Architects, British Antarctic Survey
HUT’s Terrarium of Tasty Treats HUT Architecture
Twinkle Treat Power Station LSA (Jayne G; Priya H; Anthony H; Alexi R)
The Emperors’ Huddle LSI Architects
Amethyst Fields Mado Homes
Eclair Eco Resort Mark Pinney Associates
Rainbow Park, Sugar Cube Waterfall, Marshmallow Marvel Maya and Max Vipotnik
Learning in the heart of the wetlands Metropolitan Workshop
Coconut Flake Community Café Michael Molloy – Architectural Designer
The Sugarlake Treehouse Michaelis Boyd
Morph Pole Houses Morph Structures
Frosted Wheat Subsea Retreat Morrow + Lorraine
Frozen Observatory Bea Garrido – MoA Team
Bee’s House Romano Saroldi – MoA Team
Chocolate Chip Base Camp MoA Team
The Wobbly Craft Market NBBJ
The Marooned Picturehouse Nyima Murry, Jim Stephenson and Sofia Smith Stephenson
Magical Blooms Plans for Plants
The Shellotel PLP Architecture
Wandering Waterfalls PRP
The Kraken Purcell
Honeycombs in Antarctica Ramona Saroldi and Bea Garrido – MoA Team
Mint-casso Modern ROAR Architects
Community Candy Allotments Ruth Campbell & Co
Untitled Saira Ahmed
Toffee Crisp Terrace Scene Architects
SugarPlum Studio Serena Smart
Canal City Candy Cosmos Observatory Studio PDP
MERRY MARSH tala mikdashi architecture
Hot Chocolate Huts The Manser Practice
Society for Underwater Glucose Applications and Research (SUGAR) Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design
Bake The World A Better Place Community Centre tp bennett
Pingloo Urban Mesh
Cinnamon Scrolls Useful Simple Trust
Sweet Raisin Research Centre Webb Yates Engineers
Peppermint Biodiversity Centre Yuliya Kaizer, Sustainable Conservation Trust
BubbleBurst Bonbon Museum: Spherical Symphony of Sweet Delights Zaha Hadid Architects
Icy Molecule Elina Dimova, Svilen Georgiev, Torben Lillegraven, Katarzyna Hawliczek, Nina Firek, Aleksandra Bubella