Introducing Lunar, Marshalls’ next generation paving

As Lunar offers a granite inspired aesthetic, it gives customers the opportunity to choose a material that’s manufactured closer to home without compromising on the finish. 

Increasingly today, schemes are being designed with the environment in mind. Is Lunar a sustainable product?
Lunar is made in Britain, and most of the aggregates used are also sourced within the UK, meaning there is less carbon impact from the product. 

How long did it take to develop the new technology?
Lunar has been two years in the making while we perfected what are now the final blends. During that time, we have trialled hundreds of permutations and mixes to find just the right colour balances which have derived from a range of popular granite looks, including a hue of greys to more bespoke pink shades which are ideal to be used for accents and detailing within a landscaping project.

Lunar pavers are brought to life through the combination of two technologies: our MaxiMix blended layer working together with a new patented colour application process. 

And what types of project are best suited to Lunar?
Due to the 80mm depth and the range of plan sizes and colours available, Lunar is technically suitable for both pedestrian and vehicle trafficking, making it appropriate for any type of commercial scheme, but especially those of mixed use. 

Lunar is the ideal product for those looking for an eye-catching alternative to granite – offering a unique, concrete aesthetic for hard landscaping schemes.

What makes Lunar so unique?
Lunar is our new modular paving solution which offers a completely different aesthetic to anything available in the market today. It combines not just one but two different technologies. The first is our patented colour application system, which creates a distinctly unique finish. Using an innovative colour application method, every Lunar paving block we produce has a subtly different aesthetic, just like a natural material. This unique colour finish is combined with MaxiMix technology, a facemix solution that embeds a durable layer of high-density aggregates onto the surface of the product. This offers ongoing protection and UV resistance, also contributing to providing a higher sustainable and durable paving solution, that lasts even in the most highly trafficked areas.

You mentioned a patented technology. What’s so unique about it?
The use of the patented three-colour technology system means that every block has a unique aesthetic. The colour application heads randomly scatter each colour onto the units as they pass before they are compacted and vibrated to lock in the colour. The variables of colour combination, pass speed and applicator size mean that there are almost limitless permutations.

The use of our MaxiMix Technology™ and the patented colour technology system, in a range of 80mm-thick paving units, means that Lunar maintains a unique aesthetic even on the most demanding schemes, giving it longevity and avoiding the need for premature replacement. 

Nicole Bennett, marketing manager for Landscape Product

What’s the future for Lunar?
We’re installing this new concrete technology at both northern and southern facilities. In the south, Lunar will also be produced on our new £24 million dual block plant during 2024, located in St Ives. Our ability to manufacture out of St Ives will provide additional capacity, increased availability and a southern location to support our Eaglescliffe plant in the north. Expanding our coverage nationwide reduces haulage miles and advances our goal of providing more sustainable concrete solutions. We’re also always working closely with our customers and analysing product performance to create our next innovation for Lunar and future range expansion. So we’ve already produced over a dozen other colours that we’ll be taking out to show more UK designers, in the hopes that some ‘make the cut’ and come to market in due course.

Lunar is the first in a series of planned paving innovations Marshalls are bringing to market over the next 12 months. Available now, Lunar is a next generation concrete product offering a versatile range of granite-inspired blends for commercial markets. 

Its modern aesthetic – with smooth finish and pencil-chamfered edges – lends itself well to contemporary schemes where designers are looking to offer something new and intriguing while still ensuring a timeless look.

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