Material passports and Architects Declare four years on

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Measuring mass timber: a whole life carbon and quality of life methodology for mass timber construction

Clara Bagenal George

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Severn Barrage

We also speak to Barfield and fellow Architects Declare steering group member Zoe Watson about what AD has achieved four years on as well as its current workstreams, including climate emergency training for design review panels and Meet the Steering Group sessions where AD signatories can seek practical advice on how to further sustainable design within their own practices.

Cambridge Mosque


OASIS Children’s Venture

Zoe Watson is head of sustainability at Allies and Morrison and is currently part of a Regenerative Design Lab led by Constructivist Ltd brainstorming the way forward for regenerative practice. Her previous roles include LevittBernstein, Hopkins Architects and bere architects. She joined the AD Steering Group in 2021.

Projects and resources mentioned in this episode

Materials Passports Working Group  contact [email protected]

Blumer Lehmann

She also talks about her practice’s Stirling Prize-shortlisted Cambridge Central Mosque, which is part of a Built by Nature-funded post-occupancy study, evaluating the quality of life and performance aspects of five CLT buildings.

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University of Cambridge Primary School



Building Safety Act

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Julia Barfield cofounded Marks Barfield Architects in 1989 with her husband and partner David Marks (1952-2017). Over three decades, the award-winning practice, best known for the London Eye and the i360 in Brighton, has worked across a wide range of sectors including culture, education, workplace and infrastructure.



About Julia Barfield

As part of an ambitious strategy for change, AD is launching a three-part roadmap aimed at equipping government policymakers with practical and impactful policies to reduce emissions, kickstart the circular economy and restore social and natural infrastructure.  AD plans to launch its document in Parliament in 2024.

In this episode, architect Julia Barfield shares insights from recent projects on how to achieve circularity in retrofit, the challenges of stockpiling materials for reuse at the right time and how Orms’ material passports can be adapted for retrofit. ‘We must treat all materials as the precious resource they are,’ she says.

Kat Scott

West Somerset Lagoon

Frame Projects

Julia joined the steering group of Architects Declare in April 2019 prior to its formal launch. A longtime advocate of design review, Julia is on the LLDC Quality Review Panel and Lambeth Design Panel following a five-year stint on the CABE Design Review Panel.

About Zoe Watson