Sketchbook: AHMM Sketch Club

The club was set up by Luis Torres in 2014, with overwhelming support from the practice’s founders and colleagues. Luis brought his observational skill as a senior architectural assistant and representational skill as an artist and set up a friendly and inviting space for his colleagues to learn and develop skills, creating a vital addition to our architectural practice. 

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AHMM Sketch Club is a collection of enthusiastic artists, creatives, and architects brought together by our love of sketching. We host events throughout the year including our beloved life drawing series, city ‘walk and sketch’ sessions and unique experiences, such as painting with chocolate.

The culture of AHMM is deeply rooted within the club, through knowledge sharing and representation of ideas. Each member is consistently enriched with new perspectives and subjects that challenge our abilities, followed by an enthusiastic trip to the local pub to share and discuss our favourite sketches. 

Most importantly, Sketch Club offers a creative sanctuary for like-minded people to meet within a bigger practice to share skills and make friends.

This collective talent, ranging from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts, encourages an exchange of inspirations, viewpoints and feedback between one another. By sketching in a group setting, we develop a dialogue of drawings offering unexpected sparks of inspiration for the members.