Sketchbook: Tanatswa Borerwe

With a background in fine art, I had been accustomed to working in a 2D format. Architecture school allowed me to explore 3D perspectives. 

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منبع In 2020, I contributed as a fellow to the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, which had the theme ‘How we Live Together’. The sketches I submitted focused on façades and interiors in perspective or isometric views. 

Showing how different people can and do live together is becoming ever more important, especially at a time when we face housing insecurity against a fractured debate over heritage and identity.

Through sketching buildings or landscapes I have travelled to, I open doors to explore new and varied spatial experiences. 

An aim of mine is to continue to celebrate diversity in architecture by representing unseen narratives – for instance how migrant communities find cultural identity in intimate spaces.

My passion for travelling is driven by my curiosity about architecture around the world. Drawings of two-dimensional façades can quickly reveal complex nuances. 

I sketch to reflect how different people claim space for themselves and how they feel a sense of belonging. 

I use a combination of two and three-dimensional sketching formats to explore different spatial environments.